Outsourced HR and employment law support Cheshire

Outsourced HR support Cheshire, many companies cannot afford a HR   department and would benefit from the services of outsourced HR support.

Many companies would benefit from Outsourced HR support services of full time Human Resource professional but cannot afford to employ someone. We provide strategic support to SME’s that can deliver a service normally only available to blue chip organisations.

 We provide outsourced HR services that are

  • Designed to your requirements
  • Cost effective and professional

Ring tel no 01244 335602 for a free no obligation consultation  

Some of our services include

Employment law helpline. Our helpline will give you employment law advice that will be confirmed by e mail within 24 hours.

Employment tribunals. We can represent you at an Employment Tribunal if a former employee brings a claim of unfair dismissal.

Contracts of Employment. They are a legal requirement. A well drafted contract will protect your business.   

Terms and Conditions of EmploymentStatutory employment law changes often every six months. We keep you up to date as legislation changes and draft company specific policies.

Employment Law training courses. The courses will give you practical skills and knowledge of employment law.  You will be able to follow ACAS guidelines and best practice when handling disciplinary issues.

Redundancy is a dismissal. If you fail to follow the correct procedure and do not have an objective selection method, claims of unfair dismissal and discrimination may be made. We can give you guidance to avoid these problems.

HR Management training courses. You will be able to conduct competency based interviews and carry out staff appraisal interviews.

Recruitment. We can prepare competency based interviews and train you to conduct professional interviews that will help identify the best applicants.

Personality tests are an essential when recruiting professional staff. Applicants go on line and describe how they will behave in a job. You can then decide if they are suitable.

Aptitude tests will tell you if applicants have ability to carry out the role. Tests are carried out online. Only applicants with sufficient ability are considered further.

Psychometric assessment is a combination of personality tests, aptitude tests and tests that replicate work situations. A well designed assessment centre will give you an eighty per cent chance of recruiting the best person. We can design and run assessment centres.

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Blue Wave HR Consultants Cheshire

Blue Wave HR Consultants Cheshire outsourcing Human Resource Management and HR Consultancy Services, UK

Ray Hill

Blue Wave HR was founded by Ray Hill in 1999 to provide HR support to companies that cannot afford the services of full time HR professionals. Prior to setting up the company to provide HR support to SME’s he worked for Shell, British American Tobacco and a BICC/Corning joint venture  in senior HR roles including board positions. He was an advisor to the Shell UK Board. He has used his wide ranging experience to resolve a number of difficult HR and employment law issues. Ring 01244 335602 for a free consultation.

Interim management experience 

He has also worked in senior HR interim management roles for Vodafone, Unipart, Axa Sun Life and other companies.

Work with Chambers of Commerce. 

He has delivered a range of Employment Law training courses for St Helens, Manchester and West Cheshire and North Wales Chambers of Commerce.

Blue Wave HR consultants work with associate employment lawyers to provide employment law advice and other HR services to a wide range of companies, in Cheshire, North East Wales, and North West England. Employment law is complex and the services of an experienced employment lawyer are invaluable. It is easy to make mistakes implementing employment law and this can be costly in time and money.

Select  CEO’s and senior staff.

He has conducted psychometric assessments to appoint CEO’s within the public sector and private sector and other senior staff.

Retained clients, no automatic role over of contracts.

We can work with you on a retained basis or on a project basis. Our business model minimises costs which allows us to deliver a blue chip service at an affordable price. If you use our retained service there is no automatic role over of the contract. Each year you will be asked if you want to continue using our HR consultancy service.

If you have an issue you would like to discuss please call 01244 335602

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