HR recruitment support Cheshire

HR recruitment support Cheshire How to recruit the best staff using personality tests and aptitude tests.

How to recruit the best staff. 

A company’s success depends on it employing the most suitable staff in all positions. We can provide a structured selection process that will enable you to select the best available staff.

Dangers of unstructured interviews. If you just chat around someone’s CV you have a 10% chance of selecting the best person. You are selecting the person who gives the best performance at interview and they can be the employee from hell as they are well practiced in interview techniques.

Competency based structured interviews; where you ask and score questions that explore someone’s relevant experience will give you a 25% chance of selecting the best person.

We can design competency based interviews for you and train you in interview techniques. 

Aptitude tests will tell you if someone has the ability to do a good job. They are the single most reliable indicator of job performance. Someone who scores high will be 70% more productive than someone who has a low score. Combined with competency interviews you will have a 40% chance of selecting the best person. Aptitude tests can be completed on line as the first part of the selection process. Applicants who score low can be rejected early in the selection process, leaving those with the ability to do the job to be interviewed.

We can select relevant aptitude tests and set up on line testing for you. 

Personality tests. Applicants describe on line what kind of work motivates them and how they will behave in a work environment. They can also describe how someone will lead a team, and this is crucial in management positions. The leadership ability of senior executives will often determine if a company is successful.

Personality tests of a team can be used to determine the strengths and weaknesses of a team, enabling you to make changes to improve team performance.

We can set up tests online and advise you about the results.

Tests that replicate a key job activity,  are another useful measure.

We can design tests for you or set up relevant off the shelf tests. 

Assessment centres. A combination of all these techniques is known as an assessment centre. In designing a recruitment selection system you have to a cost effective but reliable system. The more senior the position the more time and effort should be given to selecting staff.

We design and run assessment centres.

For a discussion about HR recruitment support Cheshire call Tel no 01244 335602

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Blue Wave HR Consultants Cheshire

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Ray Hill

Blue Wave HR was founded by Ray Hill in 1999 to provide HR support to companies that cannot afford the services of full time HR professionals. Prior to setting up the company to provide HR support to SME’s he worked for Shell, British American Tobacco and a BICC/Corning joint venture  in senior HR roles including board positions. He was an advisor to the Shell UK Board. He has used his wide ranging experience to resolve a number of difficult HR and employment law issues. Ring 01244 335602 for a free consultation.

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He has conducted psychometric assessments to appoint CEO’s within the public sector and private sector and other senior staff.

Retained clients, no automatic role over of contracts.

We can work with you on a retained basis or on a project basis. Our business model minimises costs which allows us to deliver a blue chip service at an affordable price. If you use our retained service there is no automatic role over of the contract. Each year you will be asked if you want to continue using our HR consultancy service.

If you have an issue you would like to discuss please call 01244 335602

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