HR Job evaluation Cheshire

Blue Wave HR Job evaluation Cheshire

It is important that employees are paid in accordance with their contribution to the company. Job evaluation will enable devise a salary structure that will reward contribution and effort. If employees think that they are not being fairly paid it will erode moral and so productivity.

Job evaluation will also help ensure that you pay market rate salaries. If people are paid below the market rate it may result in high staff turnover and difficulty in attracting good quality staff.

Equality legislation means that you must be able to objectively justify any differences in pay between men and women. If you cannot do this, a claim for discrimination may be made to an employment tribunal. Tribunal claims can be costly both in time and money and can damage the company’s reputation.

Our job evaluation system is suitable for evaluating all levels of job and is based on objective criteria. The first stage is to write a job description for each job defining the skills and out puts of the job. Each component of the job is then is then scored. The results are used to rank jobs.

Competency based pay. Many companies now have a flat structure with limited chances of progression to more senior jobs. Competency based pay will reward staff in a job for acquiring more skills in that particular role and becoming more productive. The job evaluation system will enable you to develop a pay structure that will reward the acquisition of more skills.

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